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Mental Health First Aid

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

"You're not trained to diagnose… you're not trained to be the expert… you're just trained to know how to best broach the subject with someone and how to help by just listening… and referring on…”

Updated 26 Sep 2017, 9:57am


After over 25 years working and developing professionally in the Human, Social and Community Services both in Brisbane and in Far North Queensland, I had confidence in my understanding of Mental Health (MH) matters & associated forms of intervention.

I attended a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) however having had a positive past experience upskilling in related topics. I was instantly so highly affected by the high quality, skills-based, practical intervention on offer, I trained as an instructor at my own time and cost a mere few months later. This is a course open and accessible to all who wish to increase their mental health knowledge and feel confident in initiating conversations that may reduce isolation, link someone with support or even save lives.


The AMA (Australian Medical Association) state that ‘I in 5’ people currently living in Australia have or will have a diagnosable mental health condition or illness this year;


According to Mind Frame around 45% of the Australian population would experience a common mental health disorder at least once during their lifetime with the most recognisable mental health conditions experienced being anxiety and depression.

Amongst these statistics, it was estimated around 1 in 10 teens (13yo - 19yo) had self harmed in one form or another during their adolescence with 20% of 16 - 17 year old females alone meeting the criteria for clinical depression during this period.

Those with a diagnosable mental disorder averaged three days out of role (i.e. unable to undertake normal activity because of health problems) over a four-week period compared with only one day out of role for people with no physical or mental condition.

Given this evidence, attending the 2 day skills based training course and exiting with practical Mental Health First Aid first responder knowledge not only makes sense in the modern Australian workforce and community, arguably it should be mandatory!


Mental Health First Aid provides a memorable and easy to use formula to apply by teaching all participants how to first SPOT the signs of deteriorating Mental Health.

That is, by simply raising awareness and increasing knowledge about the signs and symptoms of possible Mental Health illness, this presents first responders with potential entry point to meaningful and possibly productive ensuing conversations.

Isolation can then be reduced as the individual is coaxed to consider and identify forms of support. The responder is then able to meet workplace health and safety Duty of Care responsibilities within a work-space outside of just physical risk and/or harms.

Using a variety of interactive (and even fun!) activities to suit all different types of group dynamics and purposes, specific mental health conditions are discussed and explored in detail. Participants will exit with a clear and concise understanding of anxiety, depression, suicide and psychosis with the emphasis on the human connection and Best Practice in addressing the signs and potentially linking the individual with help.

Myths are busted and stigma potentially reduced allowing participants to help spread the message that mental health affects us all, in different ways, on varying levels. And help is at hand… it is only possibly a simple and effective conversation away!

Book in with us now; come to us or we can come to you!

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