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About Leigh Fraser-Gray

Transformative Processes 
Based on Neuroscience


Who Is Leigh?

When you meet with me you should expect someone who is direct, funny, knowledgeable, highly experienced, authentic

and passionate about Mental Health. I am utterly dedicated to

the mental health sphere as its been my sole focus for 25+ years. I also have Lived Experience with childhood trauma and ADHD. 

How Can Leigh Help You?

I do not try and fix you, I don't believe anyone is broken but I am often acutely aware of how to confidently transfer my multitude of skills, expertise, knowledge, information and approaches and apply  25+ years social work experiences when working with both individuals, groups, workspaces and organisations. I welcome feedback to ensure I can adapt my style to suit you.

Leigh Welcomes All who Seek to Find a Better Way of...

Thinking. Percieving. Feeling. Acting. Being. Achieving. To Move Forward.


Mental Health issues can be NORMAL and NOT RANDOM.... we all have a need for balance which assists in optimum neurological functioning: Resilience action is required to best look after your brain!

We can team up and work together to identify what could improve circumstances and worksites based on action that amplifies self determination and strengths and evolves into a productive and effective capacity building exploratory journey tailored just to you and/or your individual work space/ organisation. 

Adapting to Change.


My practice ultimately is based on harnessing and then optimising a pathway to resilience, to allow you to

grow, develop, learn, adapt and/or evolve.

Using my own Traffic Lights Model of Coping Capacity (c) 2017, I assist individual and work groups to learn how the brains works to better understand & move towards healing through the development of alternate positive neural pathways. 


That is, we CAN adapt, alter perspective, heal and/or change, even if there appears external limits or barriers to options, change or movement ie ‘fixed points’.

Leigh's Qualifications 

  • B. Social Work (2007),     Monash University, Melbourne

  • B. Social Welfare (2001), Monash University Melbourne

  • Diploma of Human & Community Services (1998) TAFE

  • Voc. Grad. Dip. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) (2010), BOND University

  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) (2017) Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

  • Principal Master Instructor, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor, January 2022

  • MHFA Instructor: Standard (2018); Older Persons (2019); Refresher (2020); Engaging Leaders (2021); Youth (2022)

  • Resilience Coach (Resilience First Aid, 2022),

      Driven Resilience Program

Leigh's Memberships

  • Australian Association of Social Workers    (AASW)

  • Accreditation, Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW)

  • Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association

  • MEDICARE provider number allocated by MEDICARE

  • Verified by Psychology Today

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia

  • Health Direct - Clinical Practitioner


"Leigh understands my issues well and acknowledges my thoughts and feelings without judgement. She also works to my level and explains things in a way that I can understand and relate to...."

"Leigh is a great cheerleader, and always providing suggestions of ways I can safely challenge myself."

"Leigh has a deep understanding of the brain and how it connects to one's mental health, promotes healthy boundaries and provides an environment where I can feel truly safe and vulnerable."

Medicare Rebate

$81.90 rebate from GP-generated Mental Health Care Plan for 10 sessions per year.

Brain Chemistry

Leigh has developed her own Traffic Lights Model of Coping Capacity (c) 2017.

Sustainable Change

I aim for permanency with improved functionality and awareness re MH issues.

Approachable & Authentic

Leigh is known for humour, being approachable & practical solutions.

Pyscho Education

Leigh uses psycho education for simple and concise explanations for MH issues.

Emotional IQ

To help re/establish a steady brain chemistry Leigh strengthens emotional IQ

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