Leigh Fraser-Gray
Accredited Mental Health
Social Worker (AMHSW)


Trauma / Crisis Intervention Specialist

LGBT+, Neuro Diversity Affirming

Clinical Mental Health Intervention

Psycho Neuro Therapy Modality

GP and Self Referrals Accepted

Medicare Rebates (Mental Health Plan)

Professional Practice

“Creating positive impact through the deeper understanding of the human condition and it's influences on our system."

With 25 years social services experience, I regard myself as a Professional Helper who engages patients in a therapeutic alliance to help heal internal emotional fissures, implementing a Traffic Lights Model of Healing and Developing Capacity. 


  • B. Soc Work (2007)

  • B. Soc. Welfare (2001)

  • Dip. Human and Community Services (1998)

  • Voc. Grad. Dip. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) (2010)

  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) (2017)

  • Instructor – (S)MHFA (2018) and (OP)MHFA (2019)

My Practice

I welcome all who feel currently perplexed by their life and/or the external situations they currently face; we can work together to identify what could make things better in a manner that optimises self determination.

Most people simply want their concerns or pain to subside; I offer assistance with sustainable change/s.

Following 25 years operating in the Human and Social Services for both Government and Not-For-Profit sector (Cairns, Far North Queensland and Brisbane), I have consolidated my advanced Social Sciences practice and developed a specific strengths-based, client-focused professional private practice capacity.


I am known for my highly approachable manner as I adapt communication / therapy style to best suit the individual.

This flexible approach lends itself to creating a comfortable and confidential space to unload even the most sensitive of experiences or information to explore concerns, periods of adversity and/or fears.



An Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW), my clinical practice is based on optimising resilience.


Through many years of working with those in crisis and/or with a trauma background, I have been privileged to learn how adversity can provide the greatest opportunity to: grow, develop, learn, adapt and/or evolve.

Even if circumstances have changed dramatically for the individual, there can emerge ‘a new normal’.

Through the teaching of Psycho Neuro Therapy, I assist the individual to learn about how the brain has great capacity to heal and develop new neural pathways; we CAN adapt, alter perspective, heal and/or change.

I find this approach can assist in a variety of situations.

I actively encourage clients to identify what they are willing to do to better a situation or circumstances for themselves, even if there appears external limits or barriers to change or movement ie ‘fixed points’.

In consultation, clients are placed in the ‘drivers seat’ of the clinical experience (ie empowered), as we partner up in a professional alliance and work together to identify individual / unique strengths and ways forwards.

Pathways are identified to potentially transition between feeling powerless and/or merely ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’.


Consequentially, focus tends to be on ‘change processes’ by assisting clients to gain clarity, understanding and/or confidence over their current situation; psycho education can be a key part of the therapeutic process.

I find my many prior years as a generalist Social Worker however has equipped me with both practical and systemic knowledge in many areas of human functioning and/or adversity. This means client issues can range greatly, whilst I am still able to introduce multi-purpose concepts around resilience and sustaining change.

My preferred modes of psychological intervention include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Interpersonal Therapy;

  • Psycho Neuro Therapy;

  • Psycho Education;

  • Narrative Theory;

  • Solution Focused, Strengths-based Approaches;

  • Self Compassion / Self Care Theory.


As I am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, you may be able to access Medicare rebates for our sessions.