Clinical Psychological Practice

'Talk Therapy' Intervention:  Neuro Psycho Therapy.

LBGT+ , Trauma and Neuro Diversity Affirming.

Leigh has over 25 years professional experience.


Leigh is a personal growth specialist who guides personal transformations utilising a traffic lights model of personal growth, healing and developing coping capacity / resilience.

Professional Supervision for Human and Social Services

Leigh tailors Professional Clinical Supervision

 to the individual.

Social Work / Human Services speciality. Multi Disciplinary adaptive.

Complimentary MHFA Training course for all supervisees.

Leigh offers over 25 years industry and sector experience to enhance your practice.

 Family Coaching and
De Coupling
John Cleary 

Engage in a non biased, solutions focused De Coupling / Family


Coaching approach that is Strengths based and child focused.


Suitable for both intact couples / families and those experiencing disruption / separation.


Designed to reduce tension and resolve conflict for families.

Mental Health First Aid Training


Leigh is an interactive engaging and highly experienced


Mental Health

First Aid (MHFA) Instructor  delivering Standard and Older Persons MHFA 

courses based on

 Laugh Whilst You Learn principles of training.

Leigh creates safe and professional learning environment and ample opportunity to practice the MHFA triage skill/s.