Couples / Family Coaching Programs

Engage in non biased, solutions / strengths based Family Coaching that remains child focused.

Suitable for both intact couples / families and those experiencing disruption / separation.


Family Conflict Coaching Role:

My name is Leigh Fraser-Gray. I can be your professional Family Conflict coachWith over 25+ years experience in the social services, I am regarded as a Senior Clinical Counsellor.

Whether you are contemplating a separation, are in the midst of a separation or are experiencing on going post separation issues, non biased impartial third party intervention may assist to help both parties to identify their role in on going tension and upset.

Sometimes, even despite best intentions, our personal relationships may sour or perhaps just not go so well. Tensions can escalate, emotions spill over and communication can go awry. Distress can arise. Our confidence in ourselves and the future may waiver. We can feel either stuck or rather miserable.

Children cope the LEAST in amidst tension or hostility 


Family Coaching can explore the Folllowing:-

1. 'The Story We Tell Ourselves' 

This governs PERSPECTIVE and EXPECTATION/S (which often informs emotions and subsequent actions). I teach active listening skills that help you resist the urge to rebut or argue.


Sitting with discomfort and asking additional questions from a genuine position of curiosity can become a powerful skill.


2. Behavioural modification 

 Couples or family coaching does not involve 'personality conversion' however options for change can be considered. Leigh creates a safe, non judgmental space to do so.


3. Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Decrease emotional avoidance and add more effective tools in the toolkit for coping and responding to situations.

Avoidance can be a coping mechanism. It may not be effective or it may slide you over to the more maladaptive side of coping with an issue. My coaching approach can normalise what we as humans do to get through (a situation or event). 

In a safe environment we can face those realities through the gift of pluralising (sharing of ideas) and start to consider other options or views available to us. Psycho education can also assist to raise personal awareness and allow coaching clients to transition from reactive behaviours to mindful response. 

4. Improve communication

Most family dynamics start to spiral once communication goes awry. Communication changes coupled with emotional intelligence can make a major difference in managing conflict. 

5. Promote Strengths.

Coaching starts with and then continues to build on identified strengths of individuals and strengths evident in the relationship. 

Hope can spring forth from the realisation that the positives or strengths in a situation outweigh the negative aspects.

Accessing Conflict Coaching Services:

Clinic hours

Thursday  - Saturday, time to be negotiated

Clinic is closed over school and public holidays


Collective WellBeing Hub

Level 1 / 79 Vulture Street West End 4101



Session #1:

Conflict Consultant, John Cleary x 1 session 60 - 90 minutes

for each parent at individual sessions, all safety protocols intact

$180 per session, no rebate available

followed by

Child focussed conflict Follow Up Therapy 1 - 3 sessions

60 - 90 Minutes duration

for each parent at individual sessions, all safety protocols intact

with Leigh Fraser-Gray

$180 per session, medicare rebate $77.80 via a Mental Health Plan






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