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Counselling for individuals 

Safe Space to Talk and Unpack Stuff

LBGT+ Neuro Diversity affirming

Trauma Speciality



My name is Leigh and I can be your Therapist of Choice.


With over 25+ years experience in the social services, I am regarded as a Senior Clinical Counsellor. 

The skills developed over this time ensure each of my  clients feel safe and can access trusted, knowledgeable clinical services that support them in gaining clarity, self empowerment, and further evolve the sense of self.


 Intervention is delivered in line with Medicare Rebate regulations:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

  • Psycho Education

  • Stress Management

  • Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)


These practices are based on neuro psychotherapy influences; approaches that considers brain chemistry as innately connected to emotional responses, capacity and personal functioning.


Providing a safe space to work collaboratively with you, I enhance sessions through the use of:

  • Building resources and tools to tackle change

  • Developing and sustaining resilience through guiding and supporting awareness and understanding of life’s challenges along with the individuals' response

  • Psycho-education is used to match current evidence-based theory with an individuals experience/s. This can normalise someone's reaction in the absence of a full understanding of their experiences at the time. In retrospect we can reframe their past reaction and reinstate hope for future more measured responses. 

  • Strengths development to understand what resources you have to enjoy your work and feel energised

  • Self-compassion to understand how to emotionally take the best possible care of yourself, especially after tough times.


Clinic hours: 

Monday and Tuesday: 1000 - 2000 hours 

Wednesday:                     0900 - 1500 hours

Clinic is closed over school and public holidays


Collective Wellbeing Hub

Level 1, 79 Vulture Street West End, QLD 4101.

By referral:

As an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, I have a medicare provider number and accept Mental Health Plans from your GP to allow access to a medicare rebate amount of $80.00.

Email through mental health plans to lfrasergray@gmail.com


What is Therapy?

Talking. We talk. In a safe and meaningful manner. At your own pace. Using the room as you wish. About whatever you wish to raise. I am VERY good at driving sessions so you don't even have to know what we are going to talk about. Just rock up and I can be a gentle guide. The focus tends to be on considering ‘change processes’ by assisting you to gain clarity, understanding and/or confidence over your current situation. Psycho education - ie understanding how you operate - can be a key part of the therapeutic process.

Are you still a Social Worker?

Sort of. Its my base degree. I am a member of the Association of Australian Social Workers (AASW). But I have undergone the mental health accreditation process so now I can operate in private practice. Its why I have 4 defined income streams including psychological services or talk therapy. I find my many prior years as a generalist Social Worker has also equipped me practical and systemic knowledge in many areas of human functioning and/or adversity. This means whilst client issues can range greatly, I am still able to introduce multi-purpose concepts around resilience and sustaining change and Things Getting Better. 

How much does it cost?

$180 per session (60 minutes)

As I am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, you may be able to access Medicare rebates for our sessions, so pop into your GP before our session for a mental health plan.